Vocal Performance and Repertoire Coaching

Michael C. Di Bianco
Vocal Performance and Repertoire Coach
Available for Half-Hour to One-Hour Sessions

For the performer who is looking to perfect their craft of singing, storytelling and effectively communicating your performance with an audience.

Preparation, presentation and the appropriate material are essential for booking the job. My goal as a vocal coach is to help you build your musical theatre repertoire, choose the right audition material and to successfully prepare you for auditions.

What is a vocal coach and why do I need one?
Though voice teachers and vocal coaches have very similar jobs, the two terms are often misinterpreted. A voice teacher works on the student’s voice. They work on vocal health and techniques like pitch, breathing and countless other techniques vital to the singer. A vocal coach focuses on improving the student’s performance. They help strengthen the student’s repertoire and help them with other aspects of performing such as song interpretation, stage presence and audition preparation.

My continuously growing library is filled with hundreds of musical scores and miscellaneous sheet music from obscure songs to shows currently running on Broadway. My clients include performers just starting out, to performers currently in Broadway Shows and National Tours.

During our session we will address the following:
-Finding a successful song that fits your voice range, type, age, emotional journey, and most of all, that you enjoy singing.

-Exploring the lyrics and the intention of the song. Learn how to read a musical score and tell the character’s story. What is the composer/lyricist trying to tell you about the character?

-Attend to vocal needs such as placement, dynamics, breathing, etc.

-Finding the right 16 or 32 bar cut while keeping the intention of the song clear.

-Marking your music so it is clear and presentable for the audition pianist.

For more information or to book a session, please contact me at:
Email: Michael.DiBianco@gmail.com

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